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  1. cubnc answered: Hairy please ;)
  2. lovinthepeepee answered: Shaved!
  3. hoebagxd answered: Just big! It doesn’t matter!
  4. ellinguista answered: Shaved
  5. manolop3 answered: Shaved ^^!
  6. haydenbabee answered: shaved, but belami style slightly hairy asses are good too :D
  7. mikey-beans answered: Both!
  8. quentinumbra answered: Hairy! :D
  9. gayosiris-haus-o-ass answered: Shaved!
  10. andy-lion answered: both. As long as they’re big ass. I prefer shaved, but hairy is alright
  11. marsellusxwallace answered: hairy.
  12. androidm answered: hairy
  13. themissingaddams answered: Both!
  14. b1a4gasms answered: SHAVED!!!!!
  15. gay-ass posted this